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Booking Terms

This sub-lease agreement is between CREATIVE RENTS LTD (Lessor) and “the guest” (Tenant).(Lessor) and “the guest” (Tenant). The tenant hereby offers to lease from the lessor, a furnished apartment. The tenant hereby offers to acquire from lessor the premises on the terms and subject to the conditions as set out in this agreement.1. The lease will be effective from the dates as agreed between the lessor and the tenant.2. The tenant will pay to the said lessor the rent for the entire period in advance.3. The tenant further agrees that the suite/apartment will be used for residential purpose only.4. The tenant and the lessor agree that in case of any damage to the furniture during the tenancy, the tenant will replace the same. The tenant also agrees that any loss cause to the building or the apartment due to his/her negligence will be fully compensated.5. Smoking is not allowed in the units, only outside in the front garden. A 100% room-fee penalty will be charged in case of a violation. The same charges will apply for any extra ordinary mess left in the unit.6. The tenant agrees to abide by the rules and regulations of the apartment building. The tenant agrees that in case of any damage to the apartment, premises, the tenant will be liable to pay for the damages. The tenant is also responsible for returning the keys where specified to CREATIVE RENTS LTD at departure. The tenant agrees that the building management/security may enter the apartment in case of emergency without seeking the tenant’s permission.7. The tenant agrees to let any officer or staff of CREATIVE RENTS LTD at reasonable times to enter the premises for inspection.8. The tenant agrees that CREATIVE RENTS LTD or any of its staff will not be responsible for any damages which may include theft, fire, personal injury, death or any other damage to the vehicle and personal belongings of the guests and their visitors. It is the responsibility of the tenant to ensure that they have adequate and relevant insurance coverage before occupancy. The tenant will also insure that their vehicles are comprehensively insured.9. The guests agree that no illegal activity and disturbance takes place at the premises provided by CREATIVE RENTS LTD.10. The tenant also gives permission for the housing keeping staff to enter the premises for the purpose of housekeeping.11. The tenant also agrees that no illegal activity will take place in the premises.12. The tenant also agrees that CREATIVE RENTS LTD reserves to change the premises and the pricing.13. The tenant agrees that there will be no disturbance to the neighbours.BY AGREEING TO THIS SUB LEASE AGREEMENT THE TENANT AGREES TO BE BOUND BY ALL OF THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS AND AGREES THAT THESE TERMS CONSTITUTE A BINDING CONTRACT BETWEEN THE TENANT AND LESSOR/CREATIVE RENTS LTD.

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