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Booking Terms

Please read through our Terms and Conditions thoroughly. In order make sure these Terms & Conditions are crystal clear, here’s a list of the wording we use and what we mean:Marble Apartments Apartments", "we", "us" or "our"means Marble Apartments Limited, a company registered in England and Wales with the registered number 10776260 whose registered address is 1 Empire Mews, London, SW16 2BF (including , where appropriate, our employees, third party apartment providers, suppliers and agents, and insurers) and any properties that Marble Apartments may own or operate on behalf of someone else. “You”means the party making a booking for an apartment with Marble Apartments. “Additional Services” means services provided by Marble Apartments or third party companies approved by Marble Apartments which are ancillary to the provision of residential accommodation. “Administration Charge” means the charge of £25 + VAT which will be made by Marble Apartments for our time in the processing of cancellations or amendments to a booking. "Apartment" means a self-contained unit of accommodation within in a specific building which you have booked and the Occupant is permitted by Marble Apartments to occupy in accordance with an agreement to which these terms & conditions relate.  At no time does Marble Apartments offer a Booking for a specific apartment and the actual apartment provided will not be finally allocated until Check-In. Marble Apartments may ask you to move from one Apartment to another at any time. “Apartment type” means the size and quality of accommodation unit in a specified building which you have booked and the Occupant is permitted by Marble Apartments to occupy in accordance with an agreement to which these terms & conditions relate. “Alternative Accommodation” means an alternative Apartment that we offer you in the event that we are unable to allocate you the size or quality of Apartment you have booked with us at Check-In or where we require you to move from your Apartment. Wherever possible this will be of similar or better size and quality in the same Building or another Building.   "Building" means the structure which the Apartment forms part of along with any Common Areas and approaches, parking area, or grounds dedicated to the use of the Building; “Booking” means the arrangement made by you with Marble Apartments to occupy a specified Apartment Type in a specified Building for an Occupancy Period from a Commencement Date. “Check-In” means the point in time on or after the Commencement Date at which you or a designated Occupant first arrives at the Building in order to take up occupation of an Apartment.  At the time of Check-In you enter into a licence agreement with Marble Apartments for the use of the accommodation.  “Check-Out”means the point in time at which you and any persons allowed into the Apartment or Building by you or your Occupants vacate the Apartment.  This includes vacation at the end of the period of the licence we have granted to you, the termination of the licence by us, or on the basis of an agreed early termination.  On check-out your liability for Occupation Fees will not necessarily end. “Confirmation” means that Marble Apartments has acknowledged and accepted your booking on a provisional basis.  It does not mean that Marble Apartments guarantees to provide you with accommodation in your chosen Apartment Type and this is subject to availability at the time of Check-In. "Commencement Date" means the date upon which the Occupant is entitled to occupy the Apartment. "Common Parts" means the entrance lobby, stairs, corridors, lounge, laundry, lifts, bicycle store and any other common areas within the Building provided for the benefit of all occupants of the Building; "Contents" means some or all of the furnishings and effects to be found in the Apartment as listed in the inventory to be provided to the Occupant on moving in to the Apartment. “Departure Date” means the date upon which you have agreed that your Occupants will vacate the Apartment and the Building having removed all their rubbish and possessions from the Apartment and leaving it in good, clean condition. See comment on Check-Out “Security Deposit” means monies held by Marble Apartments as security for any failure by you or by any Occupant to adhere to the terms of the booking agreement or licence agreement. “Interest” means simple interest calculated on a daily basis at the Law Society Interest Rate on any overdue payment.  This interest will be calculated from the date that the payment falls due until the date that cleared funds are credited to a bank account operated by Marble Apartments. “Fixtures and Fittings” means the furnishings and other appliances provided by Marble Apartments in the Apartment. “Fee Period” means the period of one month beginning on the Commencement Date and on the same day of each month thereafter or any shorter period that remains between the start of a fee period and the Departure Date. "Occupancy Period" means the period running from the Commencement Date to the Departure Date during which the Occupant is permitted to occupy the Apartment. "Occupant" means the person or persons who have been named to Marble Apartments as occupying an Apartment. “Occupation Rate” means the rate you are charged for each night of occupation of the Apartment booked.  This rate is calculated based on the location of the Building you have selected, the Apartment Type sought, the number of Occupants notified to us, and the length of the Occupancy Period booked for. “accommodation Fee” means the sums payable in respect of the occupation of the apartment. “Recurring Card Payment” means the authorisation by you for Marble Apartments to deduct occupation, service and security deposit fees from a valid payment card. “Service Fee” means the sums payable in respect of additional services whether ordered by you at booking or by the Occupants during their occupation. "Service Media" means central heating and hot water systems, electrical services for power and lighting, drainage and water services and any data or phone services provided. “Similar size and quality” means an Apartment which we place in the same pricing band as the Apartment you have booked with us. “Staff” means any employee, agent, or contractor engaged by Marble Apartments in relation to its operations. “Valid Payment Card” means a credit or debit card held in the name of one of the Occupants, or a company which employs one of them, provided by American Express, Visa, MasterCard, Visa Delta and Maestro/Solo which has been registered with Marble Apartments and validated by them. “Website” means the internet booking service operated by Marble Apartments for the purpose of selling and managing bookings of its Apartments.1. Introduction a. About these Terms & Conditions We want your stay with us to be enjoyable and hassle-freebut in order to make sure everyone gets the same great experience, gets along well with their neighbours and looks after our property, we needed to put a few in place. We think we’re pretty fair and we trust our Guests to work with the Terms & Conditions throughout their stay. b. Using your information The personal details you provide to Marble Apartments are for the purpose of processing your booking for accommodation. From time to time, we may share your details with third parties; if you would prefer we didn’t do this, please let us know. c. We work within the guidelines and requirements of the Data Protection Act. d. We take care to ensure that we keep accurate records of our guests. In the unlikely event that you find any incorrect information about you on any of the documentation we send, please contact a member of the Marble Apartments team as soon as possible, so we can correct our records. If we don’t hear from you within 48 hours of any document being sent to you, we’ll assume we got it right.​2. Booking your Accommodation a. You’ve booked an apartment through Marble Apartments, which may mean an apartment that we own, an apartment that is managed by us on behalf of someone else, or a third party apartment provider. b. Where a booking has been made online or over the phone to a member of our team, it is made in accordance with these Terms & Conditions with any specific amendments advised to you during the booking process. c. We’ll do our best to match you with the style and size of apartment that you requested and we’ll confirm the exact apartment number to you upon your arrival. In some cases you may have viewed and requested a specific apartment, whilst we will do our best to meet your requirements we reserve the right to reallocate you. d. When you make a booking with us, it’s your responsibility to inform us of the names of the relevant guests and whether they are adults or children. It’s important we know who’s living with us at all times. e. If you or any other occupant of the apartment has special needs or a disability assistance dog, please let us know at the time of booking. f. For stays of 90 days or more, at the point of booking and prior to checking-in to the apartment you will need to inform us of the name and contact details of any previous Landlord of the Occupants. We will request a reference from their previous Landlord and your booking will be conditional on this reference confirming that the occupation of the previous Landlord's property occurred without breaches of the terms of any agreement between you and that the property was left in a satisfactory condition. g. We will request a copy of valid photographic identification upon arrival. The ID must belong to the named person on the booking and be a match to the name of the cardholder who paid for th booking. In the event ID is not provided or there is not a match to the name on the booking and the name of the cardholder, we reserve the right to refuse the booking. 3. Paying for your Accommodation a. The payment terms relating to your specific booking will be advised at the point the booking is made and will be dependent upon the terms set out on the channel you choose to book. This may mean payment is due at the time of placing the booking or when you arrive to check-in to your apartment. b. When a booking is made with us via the website or over the phone to a member of our team, you will be required to inform us of the valid payment card details you intend to use to pay for your accommodation fees. c. You will be provided with the option to settle all your accommodation fees in advance or to pay for your accommodation fees on a monthly basis. We will use a recurring card payment to process your monthly payments to us, and you agree that we can do this, including deductions for any additional services you may choose to purchase and any charges resulting from damage to the apartment, whether agreed with you or not. d. For bookings of 7 nights or less in length, payment of the full occupation fees will be payable on the date of this agreement. e. For bookings of greater than 7 nights in length, where the booking commencement date is less than 28 days from the date of this agreement, payment of the full accommodation fees will be payable on the date of this agreement. f. For bookings of greater than 7 nights in length, where the booking commencement date is greater than 28 days from the date of this agreement, a payment of 25% of the value of the first instalment is due on the date of this agreement. A further payment of the remainder (75%) of the first instalment is due 48 hours prior to the commencement date of the booking. g. For bookings that are greater than 42 nights in length, we will allow the accommodation fee to be paid monthly in advance in instalments. Where any instalment is due and is paid more than 48 hours late the right to occupy will be terminated with immediate effect. h. We deduct all payments on or around the 1st of the month. In order to do this, your first and last instalment may differ in value. If your booking starts before the 15th day of the month, your first instalment will be for the value of the remainder of that month. If your booking starts after the 15th of the month, your first instalment will be higher as we’ll include the following calendar month in your first instalment. Your last instalment will be the occupation rate multiplied by the number of days from the beginning of the month until your occupancy period ends. i. All payments will be quoted and processed in GB Pounds Sterling. Any price quoted by us in a currency other than GB Pounds Sterling is an estimate based on a conversion of the price in GB Pounds Sterling to the other currency. The exact price you pay will then depend on the exchange rate applied by your bank or card issuer and is not the responsibility of Marble Apartments. j. In the event you are entitled to a refund it will be applied in GB Pounds Sterling. Marble Apartments accepts no liability for any fluctuations in exchange rates that may occur between the original payment date and the refund date. 4. Card Handling a. The valid payment card used to pay for fees must belong to the main Occupant. This occupant must reside in the apartment for the entire occupancy period. If you’re new to Marble Apartments we may ask you to provide proof of ownership of any valid payment card you use to make payment to us. If you’re not able to provide proof of ownership to us, we reserve the right to refuse the booking. b. The card used to make the booking must be presented at the time of arrival. Where the name on the card does not match the name on the card used to pay for the booking; we reserve the right to refuse the booking. c. Payments made by debit card won’t incur a transaction fee. If you wish to pay by credit card, we’ll charge you a transaction fee of 2.0% of the total value of each payment made to us. For American Express cards the transaction fee is 2.95%. d. We may pass your valid payment card details to a third party to process any payments. 5. Third Party Apartments a. Your apartment is either owned, operated or managed by Marble Apartments, or belongs to a third party apartment provider, with us acting as an agent. The status of each apartment will be made clear on your booking confirmation and in the Licensor details on the Accommodation Agreement. b. The apartment you have been allocated to may be operated by a trusted third party supplier to Marble Apartments. c. Marble Apartments acts as an agent on behalf of its third party apartment providers in relation to the accommodation owned or controlled by those third party apartment providers. Reasonable care has been taken that the content of the Marble Apartments website (and/or other means of promotion or advertising) is correct but it is subject to amendment at any time without notice. d. All content on the Marble Apartments website (and/or other means of promotion or advertising) is published in good faith but you acknowledge that we cannot check the accuracy of all information provided by its third party apartment providers. If any specific item advertised in relation to an apartment or building is important to you, you should contact a member of our Guest Services team who will enquire with the provider on your behalf. e. You and any occupants or visitors you permit to enter the apartment or building must comply with any rules and regulations set by the third party apartment provider in relation to their apartments. Full details of third party apartment provider restrictions are available on request. f. These terms & conditions apply to all apartments we market. Some apartments owned or operated by third party providers may have additional terms & conditions which will apply in addition to these terms & conditions. In the case of a conflict between these terms & conditions and any additional terms and conditions these terms & conditions will override except in the case of a cancellation policy. g. In the case of cancellation or amendment of your booking, the specific policy that applies to your booking will be advised to you during the booking process and in the absence of any specific statement the applicable policy is documented in the Cancellation and Amendment Policy. 6. Contract Your booking constitutes an offer to us to enter into a contract to hold space for your use within a building we operate, or a building we manage on behalf of someone else or a building that belongs to a third party apartment provider. The contract is formed on the terms & conditions set out in this document, the Cancellation and Amendment Policy, when we email you at the address you provided to us during the booking process to confirm your booking, whether or not you receive that email. Once we have confirmed your first payment, you confirm that you accept and will comply with these Marble Apartments Terms & Conditions. 7. Security Deposit a. We reserve the right to request a Security Deposit of £400. We will keep hold of the Security Deposit while you stay with us and we’ll return it within 7 days of your departing, minus any deductions for damages, cleaning, replacement goods, unpaid accommodation or service fees. b. We reserve the right to request a security deposit without prior warning, upon point of check in. Failure to pay the requested security deposit will result in your booking being cancelled. c. This Accommodation Agreement does not create a tenancy and therefore Marble Apartments will not register your Security Deposit in an approved Tenancy Deposit Protection Scheme. 8. VAT a. VAT may be applied to the cost of your booking or it may be included in the rate. This will be made clear to you at the point of booking. VAT will be applied at the prevailing rate in force at the time of invoicing, in accordance with HMRC guidelines. 9. Cancellation & Amendment Policy a) Cancellation terms vary depending upon whether you have booked an apartment in a property owned by Marble Apartments, an apartment managed by Marble Apartments on behalf of someone else, or an apartment from a third party apartment provider. b) Cancellation terms apply independently to any booking made with us via our own website, reservations centre or any partner sales channel. The specific cancellation terms are advised to you during the booking process and confirmed to you in the Booking Confirmation. These terms may, for specific types of booking, prohibit cancellation altogether. c) Where no specific cancellation policy is advised to you during the booking process the Standard Cancellation policy stated below shall apply. d) Once a booking has been confirmed by us, it may only be cancelled in line with the cancellation terms applicable at the time of booking. Where no cancellation terms were offered the terms below become binding. Any request to cancel your booking should be made to Marble Apartments Ltd, Streatham Business Centre, 1 Empire Mews, SW16 2BF reservations@marbleapartments.comb. Standard Cancellation Policy a) Where your booking has been made with our Standard Cancellation terms, please review the Cancellation Terms below. Your opportunity to cancel your booking without penalty is determined by the length of your stay. In order to cancel a booking without penalty you must write or e-mail us at the address above, within the timeframes listed below:Length of Booking You must write to us and provide notice of your cancellation 1 – 6 nights No less than 72 hours before midday on the day your booking commences. 7 – 27 nights No less than 7 days before midday on the day your booking commences. 28 nights or greater No less than 14 days prior to midday on the day your booking commences.2. If you fail to provide us with adequate notice, charges will be levied on your account to represent the loss of our ability to licence the space reserved for you, to an alternative occupant. The charges levied are based upon the length of your original booking.Length of Booking Penalty if inadequate notice is provided 1 – 6 nights A fee equivalent to the full accommodation fee for your occupancy period, plus the administration fee 7 – 27 nights A fee equivalent to the accommodation fee for an occupation period of 7 nights at the occupation rate you have been charged, plus the administration fee. A fee equivalent to the accommodation fee for an occupation period of 14 nights at the occupation rate you have been charged. 3. If you haven’t checked-in by midnight on the Commencement Date and you’ve not informed us that you intend to arrive at a later date, we will assume you have cancelled the booking and will apply our cancellation as outlined above. 4. We fully reserve the right to cancel, at our sole discretion, any booking agreement made with us at any time up to the point of Check-In. Once you have moved in to the property, if you breach any part of this agreement we will terminate your booking with immediate effect.c. Amendments to your booking 1. Our amendment policy is set out below; however, where we act as an agent to a third party supplier the amendment policy of that supplier may differ from our own policy and shall apply to the booking. The amendment policy of any third party will be confirmed to you in writing at the time we confirm a booking. 2. If you wish to extend your booking, we will need some notice from you, preferably by email. We will try to extend your booking in the same apartment where possible but we cannot guarantee this. If you don’t provide us with adequate notice, this increases the likelihood of us needing to accommodate you in another apartment or building, or not being able to accommodate you at all. 3. If we’re able to extend your booking, we will take all additional payments from the registered payment card on your account or we will amend your Recurring Card Payment accordingly, to cover additional Accommodation Fees and Service Fees. 4. If you wish to check-out prior to your booked departure date than you will remain liable for the full fees for the booked occupancy period at the occupation rate. In certain circumstances we will allow a booking to be amended to an earlier departure date. If your amendment to an earlier departure date reduces the length of the occupancy period such that it falls within a higher occupation rate then no amendment to the departure date will be permitted unless you agree to pay for the amended occupancy period at the higher occupation rate. 5. If your booking is less than 7 nights in length, we will not be able to make any changes to the departure date or the length of the booking. If your booking is greater than 7 nights in length, we will require you to provide us with notice, specified in the table below.Occupancy Period You must write to us and provide notice of your cancellation. 1 – 6 nights n/a 7 – 14 nights No less than 7 days prior to new departure date 15 nights or greater No less than 14 days prior to new departure date. 6. Any amendment to your booking to an earlier departure date will incur the administration fee. 7. If you check-out prior to the booked departure date or amend your booking to an earlier departure date, then we will attempt to re-let the apartment. We won’t be required to refund you any money if we are able to let the apartment to an alternative occupant.d. Apartment Terms of Use This is the bit where we talk about what we expect of any Marble Apartments guest and what you can expect from us.1. Your Obligations: 1. Licence i. This licence permits you or any occupant named by you to us at the time of booking to stay at a specific type of apartment within a building operated by Marble Apartments and permits you and those occupants access to that apartment through common areas of the building for the occupancy period that you have booked and for any extension we agree. This permission is conditional on prompt payment of a fee and subject to appropriate behaviour on your part. ii. We hope we will not need to, but we can withdraw that permission at very limited notice if we need to. This licence does not grant you or any other party a right to stay in a specific apartment or create any form of legal interest in the apartment, building, or other property. Nothing in this document or any other agreements creates a tenancy in respect of any property. iii. All the obligations under this licence are those of you and of any occupant or other person you allow to enter the building or apartment, whether or not you have notified us of that person’s attendance. You take full responsibility for the behaviour of any person that you, or an occupant that you have approved, allows to enter the building or apartment. ​ 2. Fees

Accessibility information

Number Of Floors:1
  • Support for the Mobility Impaired
    The apartment is situated on the ground floor and has steps to reach the main entrance. The bathroom has not been fitted with any handrails.
  • Support for the Visually Impaired
    Unfortunately there are no facilities for people with visual impairments.
  • Support for the Hearing Impaired
    Unfortunately there are no facilities for people with hearing impairments.