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Flat 5, Smikle Court, Hatcham Park Mews

New Cross Gate, 

Greater London, 

SE14 5PY,  United Kingdom

Local Area Information

Bursting with creativity and independent businesses, New Cross is one of South East London’s prime social neighbourhoods, you can expect numerous stylish hangouts, one-of-a-kind music venues and community-minded pubs. Home to Goldsmiths, the area thrives off of the university’s esteemed artistic reputation, making it the perfect place to live for creatives. Well located with strong transport links from New Cross and New Cross Gate stations, you can readily access other parts of New Cross

How to Find Us

lewisham station
(approx 2.3 miles)

<div><strong>Start:<span> </span></strong></div><div>Lewisham Station (Stop B), London, UK</div><div><div>0.0</div><div><div>Head<span> </span><b>north</b><span> </span>on<span> </span><b>Rennell St</b>/<b>A20</b><div>Continue to follow A20</div></div></div></div><div><div>1.3</div><div><div>Continue onto<span> </span><b>Lewisham Way</b>/<b>A2</b><div>Continue to follow A2</div></div></div></div><div><div>1.9</div><div><div>Turn<span> </span><b>right</b><span> </span>onto<span> </span><b>Billington Rd</b></div></div></div><div><div>2.0</div><div><div>Turn<span> </span><b>left</b><span> </span>at the 1st cross street onto<span> </span><b>Camplin St</b></div></div></div><div><div>2.0</div><div><div>Turn<span> </span><b>left</b><span> </span>onto<span> </span><b>Casella Rd</b></div></div></div><div><div>2.1</div><div><div>Turn<span> </span><b>left</b><span> </span>onto<span> </span><b>New Cross Rd</b>/<b>A2</b></div></div></div><div><div>2.2</div><div><div>Turn<span> </span><b>left</b><span> </span>onto<span> </span><b>Hatcham Park Rd</b></div></div></div><div><div>2.3</div><div><div>Turn<span> </span><b>right</b><span> </span>onto<span> </span><b>Hatcham Park Mews</b><div>Destination will be on the right</div></div></div></div><div>2.3</div><div><strong>Arrive:<span> </span></strong>Hatcham Park Mews, London SE14 5PY, UK</div><div>Section time: 10 mins 34 s, Total time: 10 mins 34 s</div>Start:<div>Lewisham Station (Stop B), London, UK</div><div>0.0</div><div>Head north on Rennell St/A20</div><div>Continue to follow A20</div><div>1.3</div><div>Continue onto Lewisham Way/A2</div><div>Continue to follow A2</div><div>1.9</div><div>Turn right onto Billington Rd</div><div>2.0</div><div>Turn left at the 1st cross street onto Camplin St</div><div>2.0</div><div>Turn left onto Casella Rd</div><div>2.1</div><div>Turn left onto New Cross Rd/A2</div><div>2.2</div><div>Turn left onto Hatcham Park Rd</div><div>2.3</div><div>Turn right onto Hatcham Park Mews</div><div>Destination will be on the right</div><div>2.3</div><div>Arrive: Hatcham Park Mews, London SE14 5PY, UK</div><div>Section time: 10 mins 34 s, Total time: 10 mins 34 s</div>